datime_to_clinks DEPRECATED

	clinks.u4.v = datime_to_clinks(date.i1a.r [,status.i4.r])

	This routine converts a date string having the format "mm/dd/yy  hhmm"
	to an integer number of clinks.
	This routine uses the "datime" date format, which is deprecated.  This
	format is deprecated because it:
	1. Has a 2 digit year and is therefore not Y2K compliant and
	   (For the record this routine treats any "YY" less than 72 as being
	   in the 2000s.)
	2. Does not have an explicit timezone and so can not distinguish between
	   repeated local times during the transition back to standard time
	   from daylight savings time
	Accepting this format from a user would make sense as a matter of user
	convenience.   However in a GUI app the author would propose to
	prepopulate such a text field with a reasonable value, e.g., now, that
	can then be edited by the user.  This allows the timezone and centry to
	be explicit without making the user type it in most cases.  In the case
	where a user needs to distinguish two different 1:30 in the mornings
	he/she can do so by changing the prepopulated timezone to the other
	timezone.   So if one accepts that argument one is left only with
	command line use, e.g., acl.  ACL already calls it so I purpose there
	be no further callers.

	date		ASCII date string (DATIME_LEN characters)
	[status]	returned conversion status
			(OK -> successful conversion,
			 CBS_INVSIZ -> supplied date string is too short,
			 CBS_NO_SUCH -> invalid month,
			 CBS_RANGE -> invalid year, day, hour, or minute)

	This function returns status values as follows:

	number of clinks corresponding to the supplied date string

	This function requires the following include files:

	clib_h, acnet_errors_h

	Related functions:

	date_to_clinks, convert_compare_date_to_clinks, clinks_now,
	clinks_to_date, clinks_to_day_of_week_c, clinks_is_dst_c,
	get_date_clinks, db_date_to_clinks, db_date_to_date_c,
	convert_seconds_c, clinks_to_special_time_c,
	clinks_to_seconds_into_day_c, timezone_info

	C/C++ usage:

	static const char	date[DATIME_LEN+1] = "09/16/97 1600";
	int	status;
	unsigned int	clinks;

	clinks = datime_to_clinks(date,&status);