cve(value.r4.r, nchars.i2.r, lbuf.i1a.r, istart.i2.r)

       This routine converts a single precision floating point value in the 
	caller's variable 'value' into 'nchars' ASCII characters in E-format
	(-1.23E+01).  The characters are placed in the user's byte buffer 
	'lbuf' starting at character position 'start' (where first character 
	is 1).  The caller's variable 'value' is rounded prior to conversion 
	based on the 'nchars' specified (nchars - exponent).  The number of 
	characters 'nchars' has a range from 6 - 16 and includes sign, whole
	digit, decimal point, fractional digits, and exponent.  The return 
	buffer is filled with stars (*) to indicate overflow.  

       value           single precision floating point value to convert
       nchars          number of ASCII characters to convert
       lbuf            returned ASCII buffer
       istart          starting character position in 'lbuf' (starts at 1)

       This function requires the following include files:

       cnsparam_h, clib_h

       Related functions:

       cvg, cvg8, ckcvg, ckcvg8, ckcve

	C/C++ usage:

	char	lbuf[NUM_CHARS];
	short	nchars = NUM_CHARS;
	short	istart = 1;
	float	value;