cvdec(input_buffer.i1a.r, start_index.i2.r, num_chars.i2.r, value.r4.r

	'cvdec' is a synonym for ckcvg.  The only difference is that the
	error return parameter is optional.  It is strongly suggested
	that users specify and check the optional error return.  See
	the description of ckcvg.

	input_buffer	ASCII buffer to convert to floating point value
	start_index	starting character in 'lbuf' to convert (starts at 1)
	num_chars	number of characters to convert
	value		returned single precision floating point value
	[error]		returned conversion status
			(OK -> successful conversion,
			 <0 -> character position of first bad character)

	This function requires the following include files:

	cnsparam_h, clib_h

	Related functions:

	ascii_to_numeric(_c), numeric_to_ascii(_c), ckcvg, ckcvd, ckcve, cvg

	C/C++ usage:

	char	input_buffer[NUM_CHARS];
	short	start_index = 1;
	short	num_chars = NUM_CHARS;
	short	error;
	float	value;