status.i4.v = clu_open(format_file.i1a.r, format_number.i4.r,
			       open_mode.i4.r [,max_record.i4.r] 
			       [,console_num.i4.v] [,record_length.i4.r])

	This function reads information from the log format/status file,
	opens the log file, and initializes the data structures needed
	for CLU operation.  It returns CLU_K_OPEN on success, and
	returns CLU_K_CLOSED on failure.

	format_file	format file
	format_number	format file record number (>= 1)
	open_mode	file open mode
			(CLU_K_WRITE -> write access,
			 CLU_K_UPDATE -> update access
					 (same as CLU_K_WRITE),
			 CLU_K_CNSLOG -> write access that allows
					 reading only entries from
					 this run of the program,
			 CLU_K_READ -> read access)
	[max_record]	returned maximum record number contained
			in the log file
	[console_num]	console to be read from
	[record_length]	number of characters per record

	This function returns status values as follows:

	CLU_K_OPEN		success
	CLU_K_CLOSED		open failed

	This function requires the following include files:


	Related functions:

	clu_close, clu_add, clu_get