status.i4.v = array_delete_entries_c(array.g.v, num_entries.i4.v,
					     sizeof_entry.i4.v, fill_entry.g.v,
					     delete_func.f.v, delete_data.g.v,

	This routine will delete entries from an array through the use of
	a user supplied function.

	array		array to be manipulated
	num_entries	number of entries in the array (>= 1)
	sizeof_entry	size of a single entry (in bytes) (>= 1)
	fill_entry	data to fill the end of the array with to replace
			deleted entries  (If a value of NULL is passed for
			this argument, the space left at the end of the
			array left by deleted entries will be filled with
	delete_func	address of function to be called for each entry of
			the array to see if that entry should be deleted
			(called as follows:
			 delete_it.i4.v = delete_func(index.i4.v, entry.g.v,
			 "index" is the current array index (starts at 1)
			 "entry" is the current array element data
			 "delete_data" is the current entry of delete data
			 "delete_it" should have a value of TRUE if the
			 current entry should be deleted and FALSE otherwise)
			(If a value of NULL is passed for this argument,
			 this routine will simply use the information in
			 "delete_data" as an array of logical values and
			 delete any entries with a corresponding value of
	delete_data	array of data to be passed to the deletion check
			function (A value of NULL may be passed for this
	sizeof_del_data	size of each "delete_data" entry in bytes
			(If a value of zero is passed for this argument, the
			 same data will be passed to the delete function for
			 each array entry.)  (This argument is ignored if a
			 value of NULL is passed for "delete_data".)
	num_remaining	number of entries remaining in the array  (A value
			of NULL may be passed for this argument if this value
			is not needed.)
	delete_location	logical array indicating where entries were deleted
			from the original array  (A value of TRUE indicates
			that an entry was deleted from that location while
			a value of FALSE indicates that that entry was
			retained.)  (A value of NULL may be passed for this
			argument if this information is not needed.)

	This function returns ACNET status values as follows:

	OK			success
	CLIB_INVARG		invalid number of entries or size of entry
	CLIB_MEMFAIL		failed in allocating dynamic memory

	This function requires the following include files:

	cnsparam_h, cbslib_h, acnet_errors_h

	Related functions:

	delete_multiple_from_array_c, array_delete_duplicates_c,
	delete_from_array_c, delete_value_from_array_c,
	insert_in_array_c, invert_array_c, array_fill_c, array_clear_c

	C/C++ usage:

	char	delete_location[256];
	char	delete_data[256];
	int	status;
	int	array[256];
	int	num_entries = 256;
	int	sizeof_entry = sizeof(int);
	int	fill_entry = 0;
	int	sizeof_del_data = sizeof(int);
	int	num_remaining;
	int	(*delete_func)(int index, int *entry_data, void *delete_data);

	status = array_delete_entries_c((void *) array,num_entries,
					sizeof_entry,(void *) &fill_entry,
					delete_func,(void *) delete_data,