status.i4.v = appds_set_inter_mode(table_name.i1a.r, options.u4.v, 
					   error_text.i1a.r, db_name.i1a.r, 

	This routine will set the in memory interaction mode for specified 
	Application Data Storage table.  It will not change the default 
	setting. Interaction mode setting changes are only allowed if the table 
	has not been locked through the Application Data Storage Manager.  
	Through this routine you can set the values for the following 
		-read and write access [APPDS_READ_ONLY | APPDS_READ_WRITE]
		-record access 
	For each of the above categories only one value should be specified,
	extra values will be ignored.

	table_name	name of the APPDS table
	options		interaction mode mask
			(APPDS_READ_ONLY -> sets table to READ ONLY,
			 APPDS_READ_WRITE -> sets table to READ / WRITE,
			 APPDS_SEQ_ACCESS -> sets table access mode to
			 APPDS_INDEX_ACCESS -> sets table access mode to
			 APPDS_KEY_ACCESS -> sets table access mode to Keyed,
			 APPDS_OVERWRITE_ON -> sets records overwrite ON,
			 APPDS_OVERWRITE_OFF -> sets records overwrite OFF)
			(The above values can be logically 'OR'ed together.)
			A zero value indicates that the table interaction mode
			is to be reset to the default values.  Also, only
			tables which do NOT have an array as the first
			element in their record structure can have their
			record access mode set to APPDS_KEY_ACCESS.
	error_text	a pointer to a buffer to where any error messages are 
			placed (NULL indicates that no error text is wanted)
	db_name		name of the database where the APPDS table is found
			(If NULL the default value of APPDS_DEFAULT_DB is used.)
	db_server	name of the database server 
			(If NULL the default value of APPDS_DEFAULT_SERVER
			is used.)

	This function returns ACNET status values as follows:

	OK			interaction mode setting compete
	APPDS_LOCK		table is locked and mode changes are not 
	APPDS_INVARG		invalid argument type 
	SQL_xxx			system error occurred

	This function requires the following include files:

	appds_h, clib_h, acnet_errors_h

	Related functions:

	appds_free_table_cache, appds_get_inter_mode, appds_read_record,
	appds_write_record, appds_delete_record, appds_key_match_count,
	appds_set_db_timeout, appds_get_db_timeout