acnet_copy_window_c DEPRECATED

	status.i4.v = acnet_copy_window_c(console.i4.v, window.i4.v, queue.i4.v
					  [,title.i1a.r] [,size.i4.v]
					  [,black_white.i4.v] [,bold.i4.v]

	This routine will make a hardcopy (or save file) of a console window.

	console		console number (a value of COPY_THIS_CONSOLE will
			result in a copy from the present console)
	window		ID of window to be copied
			(LX2_MAIN_TV_A -> PA TV window,
			 LX2_MAIN_GX_1A -> GxPA1 graphics window,
			 LX2_MAIN_GX_2A -> GxPA2 graphics window,
			 LX2_MAIN_TV_B -> PB TV window,
			 LX2_MAIN_GX_1B -> GxPB1 graphics window,
			 LX2_MAIN_GX_2B -> GxPB2 graphics window,
			 LX2_MAIN_TV_C -> PC TV window,
			 LX2_MAIN_GX_1C -> GxPC1 graphics window,
			 LX2_MAIN_GX_2C -> GxPC2 graphics window,
			 LX2_MAIN_TV_D -> PD TV window,
			 LX2_MAIN_GX_1D -> GxPD1 graphics window,
			 LX2_MAIN_GX_2D -> GxPD2 graphics window,
			 LX2_MAIN_TV_E -> PE TV window,
			 LX2_MAIN_GX_1E -> GxPE1 graphics window,
			 LX2_MAIN_GX_2E -> GxPE2 graphics window,
			 LX2_ALARMS -> alarm screen TV window,
			 LX2_SA -> SA graphics window,
			 LX2_SB -> SB graphics window,
			 LX2_SC -> SC graphics window,
			 LX2_SD -> SD graphics window,
			 LX2_SE -> SE graphics window,
			 LX2_UTILITY -> utility window)
	queue		printer queue number to send image to
			(COPY_DEFAULT_BW -> default black/white printer,
			 COPY_DEFAULT_COLOR -> default color printer,
			 COPY_SAVE_FILE -> save file (Page D5),
			 positive integer -> specific printer queue number)
	[title]		title to print on hardcopy
			(null terminated character string)
	[size]		image size (default is COPY_DEFAULT_SIZE)
	[yellow_blue]	yellow/blue handling code
			(COPY_NORMAL_COLOR -> normal yellow/blue,
			 COPY_REVERSE_COLOR -> reverse yellow/blue (default
					       for color alpha screens),
			 COPY_PROGRAM_COLOR -> use program default (default
					       for color graphics screens)
			 COPY_DEFAULT_YELLOW_BLUE -> use appropriate default)
	[black_white]	black/white code
			(COPY_REVERSE_BW -> reverse black/white (default),
			 COPY_NORMAL_BW -> normal black/white)
	[bold]		bold image flag (for DEC LCG01 transparencies only)
			(COPY_UNBOLD -> normal image (default),
			 COPY_BOLD -> bold image (printed twice))
	[reply_now]	synchronization flag
			(TRUE -> asynchronous copies (default),
			 FALSE -> synchronous copies)

	This function requires the following include files:


	Related functions:

	hdcopy, copies(_c), utility_window_init_c, utility_window_c