status.i4.v = wg_td_table_type_to_device_type_c(table_type.i4.v,

	This routine converts a TD table type to a waveform generator
	device type.

	table_type	TD table type to convert
			(DIO_DEFAULT_TABLE -> default (parameter page) device, 
			 DIO_TIME_TABLE -> time table,
			 DIO_TIME_TABLE_UNIPOLAR -> unipolar time table,
			 DIO_MDAT_GITABLE -> G(I) independent table,
			 DIO_MDAT_HITABLE -> H(I) independent table,
			 DIO_MDAT_GTABLE -> G(I) dependent table,
			 DIO_MDAT_HTABLE -> H(I) dependent table,
			 DIO_SCALE_FACTOR_TABLE -> scale factor table,
			 DIO_RAMP_POINTER_TABLE -> ramp pointer table,
			 DIO_SCALE_FACTOR_POINTER_TABLE -> scale factor pointer
			 DIO_MDAT_POINTER_TABLE -> MDAT multiplier pointer
			 DIO_CLOCK_TABLE -> clock event table,
			 DIO_MAIN_MDAT_TABLE -> main MDAT selection table,
			 DIO_OFFSET_VALUE_TABLE -> offset value table,
			 DIO_DELAY_VALUE_TABLE -> delay value table,
			 DIO_FREQUENCY_VALUE_TABLE -> frequency value table,
			 DIO_FREQUENCY_POINTER_TABLE -> frequency pointer table,
			 DIO_PHASE_VALUE_TABLE -> phase value table,
			 DIO_PHASE_POINTER_TABLE -> phase pointer table)
	device_type	returned waveform generator device
			(WG_FAMILY_DEVICE -> family of waveform devices,
			 WG_MAIN_DEVICE -> main parameter page device,
			 WG_TIME_DEVICE -> time table device,
			 WG_MAP_DEVICE -> map device,
			 WG_SF_DEVICE -> scale factor device,
			 WG_VERSION_DEVICE -> version device,
			 WG_REF_DEVICE -> reference device,
			 WG_MUX_DEVICE -> mux device,
			 WG_GI_DEVICE -> G(I) table device,
			 WG_HI_DEVICE -> H(I) table device,
			 WG_GI_ABSC_DEVICE -> G(I) current table device,
			 WG_HI_ABSC_DEVICE -> H(I) current table device,
			 WG_CLOCK_DEVICE -> clock event table device,
			 WG_MDAT_DEVICE -> MDAT selection device,
			 WG_OFFSET_DEVICE -> offset table device,
			 WG_DELAY_DEVICE -> delay table device,
			 WG_FREQUENCY_DEVICE -> frequency table device,
			 WG_PHASE_DEVICE -> phase table device)

	This function returns status values as follows:

	OK			success
	CLIB_NOTYET		table type not supported

	This function requires the following include files:

	ul_cbsaux_h:auxlib_device_h, acnet_errors_h

	Related functions:


	C/C++ usage:

	int	status;
	int	table_type = DIO_TIME_TABLE;
	int	device_type;

	status = wg_td_table_type_to_device_type_c(table_type,&device_type);