ramp_pointer.i2.v = build_ramp_pointer_c(time_table.i4.v

	This routine builds a ramp table pointer value for a C453, C460,
	or C46x module suitable for a "td_" or "dio_" set call.

	time_table	time table number (0-C465_NUM_TABLES) (null table is 0)
	[gi_table]	g(i) table number (0-C465_NUM_TABLES) (null table is 0)
			(default is 0)
	[hi_table]	h(i) table number (0-C465_NUM_TABLES) (null table is 0)
			(default is 0)

	This function returns values as follows:

	packed ramp pointer word suitable for sending to a waveform generator

	This function requires the following include files:


	Related functions:

	WG_EXTRACT_HI_TABLE, wg_find_table_numbers_c,
	wg_find_table_numbers_list_c, wg_get_table_numbers_c,
	wg_get_table_numbers_list_c, c465_find_table_numbers_c,
	c465_find_table_numbers_list_c, c465_get_table_numbers_c,
	c465_get_table_numbers_list_c, c465_get_table_c,
	c465_get_table_list_c, td_set, td_set_one_c, td_build,
	dio_set_lst_raw, dio_set_raw_c, dio_bld_set_raw

	C/C++ usage:

	short	ramp_pointer;
	int	time_table = 1;
	int	gi_table = 0;
	int	hi_table = 0;

	ramp_pointer = build_ramp_pointer_c(time_table,gi_table,hi_table);