BPMUTI is a family of routines designed to give the
	applications programmer relatively easy access to
	accelerator Beam Position Monitor (BPM) and Beam Loss
	Monitor (BLM) data.  Each routine has a name beginning
	with "bpm_" (for BPM routines) or "blm_" (for BLM routines).
	Most of these routines are designed to give access to an
	"orbit" of data at a time.  For a beam line, an "orbit" is
	all of the detectors in that line.  The exception to this
	rule would be the routines involved in returning BPM
	turn-by-turn data.  The first routine of the suite that
	should be called is bpm_machine_c.  This sets the accelerator
	context for for subsequent calls.

	Linking note:

	If you are going to use these routines, you are going to need
	a link (link.opt) file containing the following lines:


	The first line links you to the ul_cbsaux user library which
	contains the BPMUTI routines.  The second line links you to
	the ul_model user library which contains lattice database access
	routines which are called by BPMUTI.  The final two lines are
	required for TCP/IP access by the routines in ul_model.

	These functions require the following include files:


	Related functions:

	bpm_machine_c, bpm_get_data_c, blm_get_data_c, bpm_get_intensity_c,
	bpm_get_names, blm_get_names, bpm_get_intensity_names, bpm_query,
	blm_query, bpm_data_source_c, bpm_beam_cycle_info, bpm_plot_data,
	bpm_interrogate_plot, bpm_get_offsets, bpm_get_sample_mode,
	bpm_set_sample_mode_c, bpm_save_data, bpm_set_save_file,
	bpm_get_save_file, bpm_get_default_save_file, bpm_master_file_menu_c,
	bpm_file_menu_c, bpm_directory_info, bpm_protect_file_c,
	bpm_rename_file_c, bpm_find_oldest_file_number_c, bpm_link_file_c,
	bpm_unlink_file_c, bpm_file_link_info_c, bpm_next_unlinked_file_c,
	bpm_get_detector_status, bpm_set_detector_status_c, bpm_get_locations,
	blm_get_locations, bpm_crate_info_c, bpm_get_crates_and_channels,
	bpm_get_tbt_data_c, bpm_get_tbt_intensity_c, bpm_enable_tbt_trigger_c,
	bpm_get_tbt_timing_c, bpm_set_tbt_timing_c,
	bpm_get_global_tbt_timing_c, bpm_set_global_tbt_timing_c,
	bpm_get_tbt_names, bpm_is_tbt_trigger_enabled, bpm_get_microp_times_c,
	bpm_get_threshold_c, bpm_set_threshold_c, bpm_map_from_model_c,
	bpm_map_from_tevconfig_c, bpm_house_info, bpm_house_menu_c,
	bpm_house_select_init_c, bpm_house_select_delete_c,
	bpm_house_select_set_c, bpm_next_house_c, bpm_verify_house_c,
	bpm_name_to_index_c, blm_name_to_index_c