status.i4.v = blm_get_tbt_data_c(, max_turns.i4.v,
					 filter_data.i4.v, readout_spec.s.r,
					 losses.r4a.r, time_stamps.u4a.r,
					 num_turns.i4.r, time.u4.r,

	This routine retrieves BLM turn by turn data for the machine last
	requested by a call to bpm_machine_c.

	detector	ASCII detector name (DEVICE_NAME_LEN characters)
	max_turns	maximum number of turns to return
	filter_data	filter data flag
			(TRUE -> filter out or mark bad data,
			 FALSE -> return data as it is)
	readout_spec	readout specification
			(BPM_TEVATRON -> structure of type
			 BPM_TEV_DEVL -> structure of type
			 BPM_MAIN_INJECTOR -> structure of type
			 BPM_MI_DEVL -> structure of type BLM_MI_READOUT_SPEC,
			 BPM_RECYCLER -> structure of type
			 BPM_CDF -> structure of type BLM_CDF_READOUT_SPEC)
	losses		returned turn by turn loss values in rads per second
	time_stamps	returned turn by turn time stamps in microseconds
			since cycle reset
	num_turns	returned number of valid turns
	time		timestamp in clinks when the data was taken
			(A value of NULL may be passed if this value is
			 not desired.)
	metadata	returned metadata structure
			(BPM_TEVATRON -> structure of type
			 BPM_TEV_DEVL -> structure of type
			 BPM_MAIN_INJECTOR -> structure of type
			 BPM_MI_DEVL -> structure of type BLM_MI_METADATA,
			 BPM_RECYCLER -> structure of type
			 BPM_CDF -> structure of type BLM_CDF_METADATA)

	This function returns ACNET status values as follows:

	OK			success
	CBS_NOTYET		not supported for the currently selected
	CBS_INVARG		invalid detector requested
	CBS_NODAT		no turns are available
	CBS_CORRUPT		raw data from BLM is corrupt
	otherwise		DIO error

	This function requires the following include files:

	ul_cbsaux/bpmuti.h, acnet_errors_h

	Related functions:

	bpm_machine_c, blm_get_tbt_list_data_c, bpm_get_tbt_data_c,
	bpm_get_tbt_intensity_c, bpm_get_raw_tbt_data_c, bpm_data_source_c,
	blm_get_names, blm_query, blm_name_to_index_c, blm_get_data_c

	C/C++ usage:

	static const char	detector[DEVICE_NAME_LEN+1] = "I:LM100";
	int	status;
	int	max_turns = MAX_TURNS;
	int	filter_data = FALSE;
	int	num_turns;
	unsigned int	time_stamps[MAX_TURNS];
	unsigned int	time;
	float	losses[MAX_TURNS];
	void	*readout_spec = (void *) NULL;
	void	*metadata = (void *) NULL;

	status = blm_get_tbt_data_c(detector,max_turns,filter_data,