RD Controls Software Release Note 154.0<P> <b> Beam Intensity Envelope Appplication</b><P> (Envelope)

RD Controls Software Release Note 154.0

Beam Intensity Envelope Appplication


John DeVoy

May 28, 1996

Envelope is an X Window application that allows an operator to monitor the integrated intensities of the beam being delivered to the various experimental areas. On startup, the program reads a text file containing a list of devices and maximum values. The program monitors each device, taking a reading at every T6 + 1 second. If the sum of the readings for a device for the last hour exceeds eighty percent of the designated maximum for that device, then a dialog box is posted to inform the operator. The program also maintains a screen on which is displayed a table showing the integrated intensity, maximum, and percentage for each device. Note that if any percentage exceeds eighty percent, the warning dialog box will pop up even if the main screen is iconified.

Note: The program uses the time stamps included with the data to determine when an hour has passed. Thus, it is not sensitive to the number of spills per hour.

Warning: The program works in real time only. No data is stored. This means that the program can display meaningful data only after it has been running for one hour. Similarly, if the program is stopped and restarted, a minimum of one hour's worth of data will be lost.


To run Envelope, type ``run epicure_programs:envelope'' in any DECterm or DCL window.


To exit Envelope, select ``Exit'' from the ``File'' pull-down menu.

Main Screen

The main screen contains the following information, arranged in columns, from left to right:

Sample Parameter File

The following is a sample parameter file. The logical RDCS$ENVELOPE_DB is assumed to point to this file. A default will be provided in the system logical table. There should be no blank lines in the file.

	ME1SEM  1.0e16
	ME2SEM  1.2e16
	ME3SEM  1.3e16
	ME4SEM  1.4e16
	ME5SEM  1.5e16
	ME6SEM  1.6e16
	ME7SEM  1.7e16
	ME8SEM  1.8e16
	ME9SEM  1.9e16

Keywords: RDCS, Michael, Envelope, Beamline, Intensity, Jordan, tuning, X

Distribution: normal

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