RD Controls Software Release Note 146.3<P> <b> T-Time</b>

RD Controls Software Release Note 146.3


John DeVoy

September 17, 1996

T-Time is an X Window application that displays phase or tev clock events as they arrive. The events are displayed in a horizontal list in the main window. As each event arrives, it is added to the list on the right side (if there is not enough room, a new row is started). Phase event T1 and tev event 45 are treated as a special cases: when either arrives, the display is cleared of all previous events, and a new list is started. The program listens for the following events: T1 through T15, or, using tev clock notation, events 41, A2, A3, A4, 45, 46, A7, A8, A9, AA, 33, A0, AD, AE and AF.

The following options are available via a pop-up menu (activate the pop-up menu using the right mouse button):

Update Icon:
If enabled, the picture in the icon will indicate the most recent event. Thus, one may keep track of the phase or tev events even when the application is iconified.
Front End:
The user may control which front end the program connects to. The default is determined by the logical ``RDCS$TIMER_NODE''.
Font Size:
The user may control the size of the font used to display the events. Sizes range from ``Very Small'' (10pts) to ``Very Large'' (36 pts). The default is ``Small'' (12 pts).
The user may control the notation used to display the events. In ``Tev'' mode, the events are displayed as two digit hex numbers that represent the tev clock event (e.g., ``41'', ``A2'', etc., through ``AF''). In ``Phase'' mode, the events are displayed as phase events, preceded by the letter ``T'' (e.g., ``T1'', ``T2'', etc., through ``T15''). The default is "Tev" mode.
Exits the program. All settings (except the front end) will be saved to a resource file.

The title bar of the application's window includes the name of the front end from which the events are coming. It also indicates the display mode (phase or tev), and whether the clock is in external or internal mode.

To run T-Time, select ``T-Time'' (item 47) from the menu, select ``EPCR T-Time'' from the Epicure pull-down menu in the session manager, or type ``@epicure_programs:t-time'' in any DECterm or DCL window.

Keywords: RDCS, Phase Clock, T-Time, Beamline, X

Distribution: normal

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