RD Controls Software Release Note 138.1<P> Database DEVICE Deletion Application (DB_DEVICE_DEL)<P>

RD Controls Software Release Note 138.1

Database DEVICE Deletion Application (DB_DEVICE_DEL)

Larry Lee


The Database Device Deletion Application is a menu driven application which allows the deletion of multiple devices from the Central Database. DB_DEVICE_DEL retrieves all the devices associated with a pattern string that uses one or more wildcard characters and displays them on the screen. The user may edit the file to keep certain devices. After reviewing the displayed information, the user may delete devices from the database. DB_DEVICE_DEL contains three main menu options from which the user may make selections. They are: RUN, PRINT and EXIT. NOTE: The User must be authorized to executed the application. Contact the Epicure System Manager for further details.

Selecting Options

DB_DEVICE_DEL can be used with or without a mouse. Selections can be made with a mouse by double clicking the leftmost mouse button on the desired option. Menubar selections may also be made by pressing the DO key, using the arrow keys and pressing Return on the desired option.

Menu Structure and Contents


The Run menu choices are: Run or cancel. The run option displays a dialog box which allows the user to enter a device name or a wildcard. Entering a valid device name will create a modifiable listing of all queried devices. If a search finds no match devices, an error message will be displayed.

The device name may contain one or more wildcard characters. The percent wildcard, %, may be used to replace a single character while the asterisk wildcard, *, may be used to replace zero or more characters in a string pattern. For example, the string pattern %00* would return device names such as M00U, M00U.L4, P00H and P00V.

The up arrow, down arrow, previous screen, next sceen, and the keypad combinations PF1-4 and PF1-5 keys may be used to view the listing. To close this temporary file, press CTRL-Z or F10. A dialog box will appear which allows the user to commence depopulating the database or cancel the request. If the user chooses to commence depopulating, a dialog box requiring entry of some relevant text describing why it was deleted will appear. This text will be stored in the history text field. The user will be notified as each device is removed, and informed when all the associated devices are depopulated.


The PRINT menu option allows the user to print the information that is on the screen using the specified printer. When selected, a list of all the available printers is shown. This feature is an ESM menu default and has no meaningful application to this particular utility.


The EXIT menu option terminates the program. When exiting DB_DEVICE_DEL, the screen will return to its original width, and the default menu will be displayed.


A listing of all devices depopulated during a given session is written to the file DEVICE_DEL.LOG in the directory from which the user executed DB_DEVICE_DEL.

Distribution: Normal

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