RD Controls Software Release Note 136.0<P> Database Crate Deletion Application (DB_CRATE_DEL)<P>

RD Controls Software Release Note 136.0

Database Crate Deletion Application (DB_CRATE_DEL)

Larry Lee


The Database Crate Deletion Application is a menu driven application which allows the deletion of multiple crates. DB_CRATE_DEL retrieves all the devices associated with a unique crate from the database and displays them to the screen. After reviewing the displayed information, the user may commence with or abandon the massive depopulation of devices from the database. DB_CRATE_DEL contains five main menu options from which the user may make selections. They are: AREA, CRATE, RUN, PRINT SCREEN and EXIT.

Selecting Options

DB_CRATE_DEL is a menu driven program which can be used with or without a mouse. Selections can be made with a mouse by double clicking the leftmost mouse button on the desired option. Menubar selections may also be made by pressing DO, using the arrow keys and pressing Return on the desired option.

Menu Structure and Contents

Users of DB_CRATE_DEL must choose an area and a crate to identify the devices they want to delete from the database. User selected options are displayed for convenience. The lower left corner of the screen displays the current AREA and CRATE choice.


The Area menu option allows the user to search according to a particular beamline. The area menu choices are: Meson, Neutrino, Proton, Camac Test Stand, PS1 Cryo, PS4 Cryo, NMS Cryo, Cryo Central-Meson and Cryo Multibus Test Stand.


The CRATE menu option displays a dialog box and prompts the user to input a particular crate. If no area was previously specified, the area menu will appear prior to the dialog box.


The Run menu option should be selected after the AREA and CRATE options have been specified. The run menu choices are: Run or cancel. The run option starts the execution of the search. A read only listing of all the devices found, except those with multiple crate assignments, will be returned. The up arrow, down arrow, previous screen and next sceen keys may be used to view the listing. To close this temporary file, press CTRL-Z or F10. A dialog box will apprear which allows the user to commence depopulating the database or cancel the request. If the user chooses to commence depopulating, the user will be notified as each device is removed and informed when all the devices associated with a unique crate are depopulated.


The PRINT menu option allows the user to print the information on the screen using the specified printer. When selected, a list of all the available printers is shown.


The EXIT menu option terminates the program. If devices with multiple crate assignments are detected during the session, a dialog box will apprear informing the user. When exiting DB_CRATE_DEL, the screen will return to its original width, and the default menu will be displayed.


A listing of all devices depopulated during a given session is written to the file CRATE_DEL.LOG. A listing of all devices detected with multiple crate assignments are written to the file MULTICRATE.LOG. Both files will default to the directory from the user executed DB_CRATE_DEL.

Distribution: Normal

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