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Research Division EED/Controls Software

CMS Quick Reference

Release Note 120.0

Cynthia A. Chopp


The following is a list of different Code Management System (CMS) commands . Its use is intended for those individuals who have some knowledge of CMS. Through various situations, a quick reference quide of the common CMS commands, has been needed. Thus this little summary has been provided. Please note that there are many options that may be used off of these main commands, and do not assume the ones shown below are the only ones. Also, one must already be in CMS to use the commands.

To get help: help

To get to location/library of cmsed files:

(before going into CMS) work xxxx (where xxxx is the directory of where the files are)

OR (if in CMS)

set library epicure_root:[cms.xxxx]

To show the library the users are in: show library

To show the group: show group

To show the class: show class

To show the element: show element

To show the generation: show generation

To show the generation including its ancestors: show generation/ancestors

To show the history of the library: show history

To create an element: create element /keep

To create a group: create group

To insert an element into a group: insert element

To reserve copying out the actual element: reserve

To reserve without copying out actual element: reserve /nooutput

To replace an element taking it from the directory: replace

To replace an element without losing it from the directory: replace /keep

To retrieve a copy of an element: fetch

To merge two CMS libraries into one:

copy element /library=

To delete an element from a group:

remove element

delete element

To delete a group from a cms area:

remove element

delete element

delete group

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