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EPICURE Software Release Note 114.0

Update Procedure for

EPICURE `Includes' Areas

Deb Baddorf


Two system logicals on WARNER point to directories where we keep EPICURE include files:



Our programmers are aware that changes to these include files should be put into these areas, so that all users may access the new versions. However, programmers should remember to use the appropriate WORK areas for these projects, and not to copy files into the include areas by hand. The work areas are:


When you CMS a file in these work areas, a copy of the file is automatically put into the EPICURE_INC or EPICURE_SYS_INC area. Files should not be placed in these areas by hand.

Correcting After The Fact

Files which have already been copied by hand into the EPICURE_INC or EPICURE_SYS_INC area should be corrected as follows.

New Element

If the element does not currently exist in the CMS library, you need to create the element. However, CMS won't let you do this, since there is already a copy of the element in the reference directory. The following commands will allow you to create the element in this case. The example is for an element in the EPICURE_INC area.


$! get the correct, current version

$ COPY/LOG EPICURE_INC:myfile.h *.*

$ CMS CREATE ELEMENT myfile.h ``comment'' /NOREF

$ CMS MODIFY ELEMENT myfile.h /REF ``Set up to do ref copying in future.''

This will create the element, deleting the copy you just made into the work area, but will leave intact the copy in the EPICURE_INC area.

Existing Element

If the element already exists in CMS, but is not the same version as the one in the reference directory, the following steps should be taken.


$ CMS RESERVE myfile.h ``comment''

$! get the correct, current version

$ COPY/LOG EPICURE_INC:myfile.h *.*

$ CMS REPLACE myfile.h ``comment''

This will record the current version in the CMS library, delete the copy you just made into the work area, and will create a new version with the same, original date in the EPICURE_INC area.

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