Research Division EED/Controls Software<P> Release Note 111.0<P> Epicure Distributed Database System<P> Procedure to Build & Distribute <P> Device Templates

Research Division EED/Controls Software

Release Note 111.0

Epicure Distributed Database System

Procedure to Build & Distribute

Device Templates

Cyndee Chopp, Kal Dabous, David M. Kline


The purpose of the document is to provide a procedure to extract templates from the database system, convert the templates into the appropriate format, and request the installation of them back into the database system. Below is the procedure to follow:

1) Set default to EPICURE_ROOT:[WORK.ECDB.DEVTEMPLATES] and execute the PROJECT_SETUP.COM command procedure


2) Extract the templates from the database system and format them into MDT file format.


The templates are placed into the file named COA_MDT_FILE.TXT. If any errors occur during this step, notify your database administrator immediately.

3) The file may be edited with modifications you require.

4) Convert the MDT file back into the format the database system maintains.


Any errors will be output to the terminal and should be corrected in the MDT file. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until ALL errors have been corrected.

5) You can check the data you modified by executing a utility that prints the templates you request to the terminal.


This will print ALL template information to the terminal. Be ready with the Ctl-Q/Ctl-S keys.

6) After you are satisfied with the results, contact the database administrator to install the templates into the database system. The administrator will notify you when the installation is complete.

SPECIAL ITEMS: A) You may bypass steps 2 and 3 if you have your own template file. If this is the case, you may pass that file name at step 4.


You may view the data as mentioned in step 5. The file may be appended at the end of the COA_MDT_FILE.TXT.


Note that you MUST perform step 2 before executing the above command.

B) All NEW templates need to be placed at the end of the MDT file.

C) If the modifications need to be propagated to multiple devices, contact the database administrator. Depending on the number of devices which need changes, a special application may need to be written.

Keywords: Epicure, program, database, DBSA, DBSAUTI, editor, OA, LAL, RMS, DBScanner

Distribution: Baddorf,Chopp,Dabous,Dambik,DeVoy,Kline,Kramper,West,Watts

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