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EPICURE Software Release Note 104.1

EPICURE Pictorial Diagnostics

Diagrams for Restarting Software

Deb Baddorf

The accompanying pictures are designed to help you trace what might be wrong or missing, if an EPICURE program isn't working.

What the pictures mean

The arrows mean ``Depends On.'' The arrow is not meant to indicate flow of communications, though usually there is a communication path associated with each arrow. There are other avenues and directions of communications going on which are not shown. Again, that is because the arrows are not meant to indicate communication paths.


If a software item is not working properly, follow the arrow on the picture to find the next piece to check. If any piece is missing, restart it and try the application again. If no pieces are missing, assume one or more pieces are not ``healthy''. Since the pieces on the local node only affect people logged into that same node, try restarts of local pieces first. Start with a restart of the application itself. Work your way to the end of the chain. If the application still doesn't work, then it may be time to call the experts!

HINT: If the application has never been seen to work properly, check the program first!! If you are writing a new program, start troubleshooting there. Check the detached EPICURE software by running one or several known good applications.

What runs on which computer

The three ``geographical regions'' indicated on each diagram show that software pieces live on different computers. Some pieces of software must exist on the local workstation or the local node you have logged onto. If you are SET HOSTed or TELNETed to another node, or are on a terminal or an X-terminal, ``workstation'' means whatever node you are actually logged into. It can therefore be a ``core node'' such as MICKEY, MINNIE, etc. In that case, the ``workstation'' software may well be running on the same node as the ``core node'' software in the picture.

Good luck!

We hope these diagrams prove helpful for troubleshooting. They should also provide a general idea of the EPICURE software pieces and how they interrelate.

Appendix A

We think the diagrams above will be more helpful to you, but if you want to know, here is what runs on each type of node. Unless you understand the software and its interactions, these lists themselves do not constitute a diagnostic tool.

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