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EPICURE Software Release Note 90.0

RD/EE Purchase Order Tracking Database

Deb Baddorf

There is a small database on the WARNER cluster which allows us to maintain some record of purchase order status. It is dependent on paperwork sent back to us from the purchasing department, but should provide some useful information.

To access this purchase order database, put the following line in your LOGIN.COM file, or else execute it by hand.


Since we currently only have the DATATRIEVE database package licensed for a subset of WARNER nodes, you must log into node DAFFY or ELMER when you want to access the purchase order database.

When your login file is executed, or when you run the above command by hand, the procedure will tell you that you press key PF4 to bring up the menu that allows viewing of purchase orders.

The PO menu should be reasonably self-explanatory. I will only point out that the menu items labeled ``REVIEW'' show a single PO on the screen at a time. You hit RETURN to view the next PO. The menu items labeled ``SEARCH'' will show a one line listing of many PO's, all on the same page.

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