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Release Note 88.1

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Alarm Display Application Overrides

Cynthia A. Chopp


A /DI_OVERRIDE and /PI_OVERRIDE field exists in the DISPLAY attribute of the properties RALARM (Reading Alarm) and SALARM (Status Alarm). Any devices containing either or both properties can access those fields. The override fields contain a device name, and property name, respectively, of some other device whose alarm state can be used by a display program as a filter.


The following is an example of how the override fields may be defined:








The /DI_OVERRIDE field must contain the name of the device. From this information the program will get its DI number. If the device is not found, or the /DI_OVERRIDE field is not used, both override fields will not be set. Additionally, if the device is not found, an error will be logged in the COA.ERR_LOG located in EPICURE_ROOT:[WORK.DATABASE.EPICURE].

The /PI_OVERRIDE field must contain the name of the property on which the override is to be done. The only property choices available for /PI_OVERRIDE are READING, SETTING and STATUS. If an invalid property is given, READING will be set if under RALARM, and STATUS will be set if under SALARM, along with a warning error message to the log file COA.ERR_LOG located in EPICURE_ROOT:[WORK.DATABASE.EPICURE]. The same will happen if no /PI_OVERRIDE is defined, but a valid /DI_OVERRIDE is.

Please note, that under the SALARM property, the only valid /PI_OVERRIDE is STATUS, and under the RALARM property, the only valid /PI_OVERRIDEs are READING and SETTING.


The override device field will be used to determine whether or not a particular alarm message should be posted on the display. If the device and property specified by the override is already posted, then this alarm will not be posted unless the DI_OVERRIDE and PI_OVERRIDE clears and the device previously filtered from display is still in alarm. While the overrides can be changed, this should be an infrequent action.

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