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Research Division EED/Controls Software

Release Note 87

Interlocks Logbook


Donald Emmons


The Interlock logbook has been created to replace the hard bound logbook kept in the Operations center. By putting the logbook on warner, a group member can make an entry from anywhere there is a terminal. The paper logbook was only accessible at the operations center. The Interlocks logbook can also be added to the controls system menu were other interested parties can view it.

This should also prove helpful when tracking intermittent beamline problems and any new updates in software or hardware as well.


The Interlock Logbook will be accessible through WARNER by defining intlog in the user's Add the following to your intlog :== @usr$disks:[intlog_mgr]intlog

Once the user types in INTLOG they will have direct access to the logbook for making entries.

Logbook Functions

When the user enters the logbook environment a screen appears with the previous entries of that day. If there are no previous entries the following appears in the left margin:

JUN 30


USERNAMEEntry will be about here ...

When the logbook has previous entries the user must place a TIMESTAMP BEFORE HE CAN ENTER ANY TEXT. The cursor will be flashing just to the right of the user's name. To make an entry just start typing until you have finished what you wanted to say. Word wrap is automatic so you need not hit return at the end of the screen. The user may edit the entry by special function keys to be discussed later in this release.

To exit the logbook press PROTECT/EXIT ``ENTER'' on the keypad. This key saves the previous entries and also exits the logbook all in one keystroke. Once the PROTECT/EXIT key has been pressed you can no longer edit your entries.

To QUIT the logbook without making an entry just type F10. The TIME STAMP key ``kp0'' is for inserting the time and the date. Time Stamp also returns the user's name under the date.

To print that day's log press``CONT L''. The default printer is the ``wh12x_tal800'' laser printer.

COMMENT is selected by pressing ``PF3''. ``CONTROL-Z'' will exit the user from COMMENT. When making a comment on a previous entry, be sure to put the cursor underneath the entry to be commented on. The cursor must be on a blank line.

HELP is available by pressing the ``HELP'' function key. A keypad map and definitions are there to make logbook entries much simpler.

SEARCH is attained by pressing F13. It prompts the user for a string and writes it to the search buffer. The search buffer has editing capabilities so that the user can cut/paste any portion of the search buffer to the entry log buffer.


The intention of the Interlock logbook is to log repairs and changes to existing interlocks.

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