RD Controls
EPICURE Software Release Note No. 68.1
EPICURE Group Accounts on DISNEY

D.S. Baddorf

February 19, 1999

We have provided group account capabilities on the DISNEY cluster. These accounts make the EPICURE menu and EPICURE applications available in a controlled environment. Group accounts will be set up to go straight to the EPICURE menu, where EPICURE applications may be accessed. These include PAGE, Script Reader, RD Status report, and others. Group accounts will have the ability to access MAIL as one of the menu choices, but they will not be able to exit the menu to reach a DCL prompt.

Group accounts will be permitted to remain logged in for more than one shift, and to be used by all persons in the experiment. Accounts assigned to individual users are NOT permitted to be logged in when that person is not physically present ...and are *NOT* permitted to be shared. Usage of a personal account in this manner will lead to our shutting down the account. We are concerned with the security of our systems, as mandated by the directorate and the DOE.

One person should be designated the ``account manager'' (frequently the physicist liason) and will be the contact person between us and the group account. He/she will choose the password for the account (the DISNEY system manager will actually change the password), and hand it out to other experiment members who need to use the account. He/she can also, if desired, edit a file in the group account called LOCAL.MNU - a secondary menu to provide experiment specific functions to the captive group account.

The chosen account manager should fill in a DISNEY account request form with the manager's name and the experiment name (ex: E001) in the spot for ``Name''. The phone number, location, ID information will be that of the account manager, so we can locate that person. The password written on the request form is for the group account. If the account manager does not already have a personal account on the DISNEY cluster, we will need to create one of those also, so a second form is needed (or at least, a second password on the original form, with notes as to which password is for which account). The account manager's personal account is needed for mail, and also so that he/she can edit the LOCAL.MNU file if needed. Request the account form from, and return it to, Deb Baddorf, MS306 (Cross Gallery Portacamps).

Anyone requesting a DISNEY account should be certain to read the security policy on the back of the form, and sign the form indicating you have done so. The account will be created within a few working days of receipt of the signed form.

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