EPICURE Software Release 57.0 <P> <b> Cryogenic Message Application Program </b>

EPICURE Software Release 57.0

Cryogenic Message Application Program



The heart of the EPICURE Cryogenic Controls System is the multibus. Any control problems that the multibus encounters can be detrimental to cryogenic equipment. The multibus was designed with this in mind and performs self-checks. In the event an error is discovered, the multibus encodes the information into TANNS (yes, dreaded TANNS) and signals the control system. The CRYO_MSG program receives these messages, and decodes them into text strings that are useful to the cryo operators, and the hardware and software consultants.


The CRYO_MSG program creates a VWS terminal window to display the multibus messages. On intialization, the window size is 10 x 60 with a black background. Window text is displayed in white. The title of the window terminal is ` Multibus Error Messages '. The CRYO_MSG program allows the terminal window to be popped forward, pushed behind windows, relocated anywhere on the screen, iconized, expanded, and resized. The program will not let the user delete the window, nor can terminal options be set. Resizing or iconizing the window has no effect on messages being written to the screen.


The CRYO_MSG program translates TANNS sent from the multibus into messages that consist of the time and date of the error, the multibus number, and a text string. The text strings are taken from Lee Chapman's GAS documentation. System and GAS messages are translated at this time.

Download Files

CRYO_MSG checks for a prom download file in the RDCU_CRYO_FILES_PROMS directory whenever a multibus is rebooted. If a file is found, settings will be performed on the multibus as specified by the file. Messages are displayed indicating whether a file was found, if a setting occurred or if it completed with an error or it timed out (timeout is set for 1 minute at this time). A message is displayed on completion of the file. Sets that do not complete or have timed out are not retried.

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