RD Controls Software Release Note 53.8<P> <b> Research Division Controls Group</b><P> <b> Call-In List And Maintenance Responsibilities</b>

RD Controls Software Release Note 53.8

Research Division Controls Group

Call-In List And Maintenance Responsibilities

Brian J. Kramper

The attached pages reflect the current maintenance and call-in responsibilities for various hardware and software components of the beamline control system. Extensions and refinements will be made to this list periodically. The purpose for call-in is to provide emergency response to problems affecting the operation of the fixed target program. For non- emergencies, please use the WARNER::CONSULTANTS and WARNER::HW_CONSULTANTS mail.

The call-in list is organized by hardware or software, subsystem and component. This presumes you already have some idea of "what's wrong". The general rule is to call the person listed first for the subsystem causing difficulty. After that, call each subsequently listed person. If you have trouble pin-pointing the subsystem causing your trouble, then an informed guess might be in order. Specific contacts are listed for general cryo and camac hardware problems. These people should be able to help pinpoint the specifics of a problem. Questions specific to an application program are best addressed by the application program author.

We don't expect all of our users to be control system experts so don't hesitate to declare your level of expertise or lack of it when you begin conversing with our people over the phone. As always, a little thought before calling in the shock troops -- or the wrong troops -- may save considerable time. Be as specific as possible about the problem. For instance, know the names of the devices that are causing problems, or the specific operations you executed that resulted in a problem. We will be trying to repeat your actions to view the problem.

If you cannot figure out whom to call based upon the symptoms of a failure or you cannot reach the specialists indicated then:

  1. Call the general cryo or camac hardware experts.
  2. Call the group leader -- Brian Kramper.
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Group Leader Brian Kramper


Cryo Multibus Systems Terry O'Brien

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