RD Controls Software Release No. 50.0<P> <b> New Mass11 User Setup Procedures</b>

RD Controls Software Release No. 50.0

New Mass11 User Setup Procedures

D.S. Baddorf

What's New

Mass11 version 8.0 is about to appear on the WARNER nodes which are licensed for Mass11. The user will find that the menus look a good bit different, but so far we've found no problems with it.

However, the user setup files which some of you are using will be required to change at this time. Most of the content of these setup files is common to all users, so we've moved it into a system-wide setup file which all users will call. This file ( WP$DIR:M11SYSINI) will call your personal setup file, where you can set the default directory (``go to the directory where your Mass11 files are'') or do other user specific customization. If you don't want a personal setup file that's fine too.

What You Should Do

If you have nothing in your LOGIN.COM file pertaining to Mass11, then you can ignore the rest of this. The system has setup Mass11 for you and it will work in the same fashion as it always has.

If you redefine MASS11 in your login file then the following applies to you. If you don't know, ask me for help and we'll decide whether or not you have to change things. If you redefine MASS11, then the following changes must be made to your personalized Mass11 setup.

First, edit your LOGIN.COM file. Remove any lines that redefine the symbol MASS11. They might look like:

$ MASS11 :== something

$ MASS*11 :== something

$ MASS11 == ``something''

$ MASS*11 == ``something''

The system will define the MASS11 symbol correctly for you. If you keep two Mass11 directories, you probably also have a symbol for SMASS11. Change it to look like one of the following:

$ SMASS*11 :== 'MASS11' SECURE

$ SMASS11 == `` ' 'MASS11' SECURE ''

$ SMASS*11 == `` ' 'MASS11' SECURE ''

Next, add a new line to LOGIN.COM. Decide where your mass11 setup file lives. Many people have a logical like USR$UTILS:. Some people just put the setup file in a subdirectory and refer to it as [username.something]. Whichever form you use, substitute that for the word WHERE in the following. Don't forget to include the square brackets or the colon, depending on the form you use. Add a new line:



Next, copy the new version of the user initialization file to your WHERE area. Decide whether you have been using Mass11 with two Mass11 directories (``public'' and ``secure'') or only one. Then copy the proper template file into your WHERE area as M11USRINI.COM:




If you have two Mass11 directories then you want the version with DUALMASS11 in the name, and you probably don't need to change the file at all. If you previously copied your M11USRINI file from Al Thomas, then this is the one you want, and you don't need to change it unless your LOGIN.COM doesn't define MASS11_PRIVATE or MASS11_PUBLIC (in which case you had an older version).

If you don't have ``secure'' and ``public'' Mass11 areas, then you want the template file without ``dual'' in the name, and you may need to edit it. Change it where it says ``Edit the following line'', if you need to change it.

Now you have the current version of file M11USRINI.COM. If you have a file called M11.COM in your ``WHERE'' area, delete it. You no longer need it.


Anyone who needs help is welcome to contact me during the month of June (1989). If you wait longer I'll help, but I won't be quite as friendly. If you come during the approved time period, I'll be glad to fix your files up for you.


If you ran the new version of Mass11 after you started making these setup file changes, but before they worked right, you may have ``left over'' files laying around. Look around for files DEFAULTS.DAT and M11MACRO.DAT in directories other than where your Mass11 files are supposed to live. The old Mass11 used to ask you about it, if it couldn't find DEFAULTS.DAT. The new version just creates a new DEFAULTS.DAT and M11MACRO.DAT in your current directory. So if you ran Mass11 8.0 and your procedures didn't put you in the right place (because something wasn't working right yet) you may have these ``left over'' files. You can delete them.

By The Way

This is not new, but was never really publicized. You can always change the printer destination for Mass11 by running the QDIRECTOR program. You do this by typing QDIR or QDIRECTOR if you are at the $ prompt, or from inside Mass11 by typing:


choice of printer


This information is also available in HELP by typing HELP @FERMIHELP QDIRECTOR. The QDIRECTOR program remembers which printer you want by a file it calls TALx.QDIR. See writeup RD Controls Software Release 49 ``USER_LANDFILL_SITE'' for a new means of moving this file out of your SYS$LOGIN directory.

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