RD Controls Software Release Note 38.0<P> <b> Data Acquisition Server Monitor</b>

RD Controls Software Release Note 38.0

Data Acquisition Server Monitor

R. West

August 16, 1988


This document describes the utility program DASMON which is used to display the current activity status of a Data Acquisition Server (DAS) process running on one or more specified nodes. The utility establishes a logical link with the DAS process executing on each specified node and requests status information every seconds, where the number may be specified. The activity display for a single DAS process contains the following information:

The process information is repeated for each logical link and the list information is repeated for each data acquistion list. Information is ordered first by link id and then by list id. If there is too much information to display on one terminal screen, the next screenful of information is displayed at the next update.

The monitor has two input buffers, one for the current information and the other for the previous information. The program decides what to update on the display by comparing the contents of the two buffers. Usually, the only item to update in a particular record will be the reply time. In the case of a list being added or deleted, major sections of the display are totally rewritten.

Note: The monitor task must establish a logical link with the DAS process, which reduces the number of logical links available for use by DAR tasks and hence reduces the number of DAR tasks which may be running simultaneously.

Command Line

DASMON [node] [time]

DASMON [time] [node-1] [, node-2] ... [, node-n]

If more than one node name is specified, the monitor utility only displays summary information for each node. Detailed data acquisition list information is only displayed when a single node is requested.

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