Epicure Design Note 130.0 <P> <b> Graphical Display of SWIC Data (SwicDisplay)</b>

Epicure Design Note 130.0

Graphical Display of SWIC Data (SwicDisplay)

John DeVoy

June 7, 1994

The Graphical Display of SWIC Data application (SwicDisplay) will be an X Window application that will graphically display from selected SWICs.

SwicDisplay will have three ways of displaying data: one multiple-SWIC mode, and two single-SWIC modes. In the multiple-SWIC mode, the user selects a set of SWICs. For each SWIC, a single scan will be displayed (the same scan for each SWIC). Each scan will be displayed as two histograms, one for the horizontal component, and one for the vertical component. The user will be able to select both the SWICs to be displayed, and the scan.

In the first single-SWIC mode, All ten scans of a single swic will be displayed. The other single-SWIC mode will allow the user to display several spills of the same scan. The user may switch modes at any time. The attached screen dumps show SwicDisplay in the first single-SWIC mode.

Features are to include (in no particular order):

Keywords: RDCS, SWIC, Beamline, Tuning, X

Distribution: normal

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