Research Division EED/Controls Software Group<P> Design Note 129.1<P> ARCNET Display Application

Research Division EED/Controls Software Group

Design Note 129.1

ARCNET Display Application

Cynthia A. Chopp


The ARCNET Display Application will be designed to display arcnet node numbers from user selected arcnet modules, along with their module type, house (from file only), and status. This information will be retrieved from both the actual module, and a central file. The central file will be located in the usr$disk1:[hdwdocs.cratemap] area and named arcnet.dat. It will be maintained solely by Mike Kuplic (x4068). All new node numbers to be added, must first go through Mike, for them to be valid. Everyone will have the ability to reinitialize modules out in the field with what is in the central file.


The main display of the program will be the screen display. It will have three selections that the user must make, and they are source class, crate value, and slot value. Once the user makes these selections they must select display. Once selected, the module type, node number, house (file only), and status will appear (both from the central file and from what is actually out there). If the information cannot be found or accessed the status returned will contain some error message.

The menubar will consist of an options menu. The options menu will contain the selections to reinitialize the node number, or exit the program. On reinitializing a node number the program will take the information found in the central file and reinit it to the module.


The purpose of this program is to allow operators to change modules that have failed, put in new working modules in place of the bad modules, and set the new modules' node numbers to validate them.

Keywords: ARCNET, Application

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