EPICURE Design Note 24.1<P> <b> Protocol for Data Acquistion Via Test Camac</b>

EPICURE Design Note 24.1

Protocol for Data Acquistion Via Test Camac

Therese M. Watts

.5cm The Data Acquisition Engines (DAE) acquire requests from and pass replies back to MicroVAX hosts via queues established in a Common Memory (CM). This note describes the format of messages to be sent and the replies to be received to perform Test Camac operations.

The Test Camac User Interface

A few simple facts must be known in order to talk test camac. The following itemizes just about everything one needs to know to use this interface.

Descriptions of camac response status, and formats for DAP's and DSP's follow.

Calling Sequence

The following subroutines are called in order to request that a list of commands for test camac be issued. These routines are used in conjunction with other DAR subroutines such as da_init, da_declare_list, da_get_data, etc.

The arguments are defined as follows:

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