Blind Reset Driver

Michael Glass

The Reset driver has only a basic control property. You need to make one device per front end.


0 0
80 (hex) OID = 81 (hex)
crate slot
0 0

The length is either 2 or 4 bytes.

The basic control data is:

	low order word:  nncc   (slot and crate).

The front end does NOT check to that the crate is "equipped" in its crate tables. It simply range checks from 01 to FF. Similarly, the slot is simply range checked from 1 to 23 (decimal).

The front end then does F(9)A(0) to the requested crate and slot. The status you receive back will reflect the status of the Camac operation (unless there was some range error). This might be NO-X, for instance, if the slot is empty.

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