053 -- Four Channel PS Controller Support

7 August 1984


0 0
0 OID = 18 (hex)
crate slot
18 (hex) subaddress (0-3)

Both properties transmit a single word as described in Ducar's writeup of the card. The reading property for an 053 device should point to the appropriate MADC channel.

The basic control property is somewhat complicated. It allows for controlling the four on/off lines in either a static or a pulsed mode.

The data word you send for basic control has the following bits defined:

Bit Number Function Description
bit 0 on/off 0=OFF (camac F(28)),
1=ON (camac F(30))
bit 1
bit 2
subaddress 0-3
bit 15 pulsed 0=Static operation,
1 = Pulsed

When the front end receives the basic control word it does the requested F(28)A(n) or F(30)A(n) command. If the pulsed bit is on it will do the opposite command one second later, thereby simulating one second momentary operation.

Thus in the data base you set up the basic control scaling PDB with on and off words formatted as above. The SSDN looks like the setting/status SSDN except that you can put zero in for the subaddress.

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