ACNET Console File Transfer Guide

Since the ACNET clx nodes are behind the controls filewall, it is difficult to transfer files between a clx node and a PC or Unix node. Here are some things that work.

Outland mounted Linux disks

The gateway nodes outland and outback have the CLX Linux disks mounted via NFS. You can use a kerberized FTP, SCP, or SFTP client to transfer files to/from outland and have them show up on a Linux CLX disk.


 outland disk		CLX disk
  /cbs_files		/usr/local/cbs_files
  /mecca_head		/usr/local/mecca_head
  /export/home1		/export/home1
  /export/userb		/usr/local/userb
  /export/scratch	/export/scratch

 outland disk		nova disk
  /export/nova_home	/export/home


Windows File Transfer Clients

The following Kerberized Windows file transfer clients have been tested and can transfer files between a PC on the Accelerator Division network and the outland or outback gateway nodes.

Getting Started with WinSCP (Kerberized SFTP and SCP client)

Getting Started with FileZilla (Kerberized FTP client)

Two step Transfer

Use outland or outback as the midpoint of a two step transfer. Outland and outback support ftp, scp, and rcp transfers. After the transfer, delete the temporary files from outland or outback. They do not have large disks.

Note: If you are using outland/outback's FTP client to access an FTP server outside the Accelerator Division network, you will need to use passive mode.

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