Save/Restore's unusual features include BigSaves, encompassing saves of the entire control system made twice a day. Also unusual is the ability to redirect the data acquisition system to a Save/Restore file. This allows all applications in the system to participate in the facility. If the preferred display of historical data is graphical, the application that displays data in that format may be redirected to a Save/Restore file and the historical data viewed without changes to the application. The only noticable difference is a yellow slash drawn though the application to remind the viewer that normal data acquisiton is not in effect.

BigSaves save all operational, addressible elements of the control system (>100,000 channels, > 20 Mb). The management of BigSaves is aided through links to the ACNET node poll structures where only devices from nodes marked as operational front ends are saved. BigSave also honors the 'deaddog' database bit in not saving (and reporting errors from) devices marked as known 'broken' devices. BigSave issues SQL queries to the database finding all devices and properties of a node. BigSave drives 20 front ends in parallel collecting this data in about 15 minutes. Lastly, specific save codes are within the database save property can exclude certain properties from BigSave. The result is a large, encompassing save expected to result in few errors. BigSave error reports and front end statistics are web addressible.

BigSaves aid in the management of the database as all new entries are automatically included in the next BigSave and errors from the save are monitored by the Controls Department.

Operator saves are driven by the D1 ACNET Global Save/Compare/Restore page. Each device in the database has a save/restore property that includes a save/restore subsystem list id, save and restore code, display code, and a mask of properties to save. Each accelerator area has a default set of save/restore subsystem list ids and a default set of display page device lists to save. On initiating a save, the default set may be extended or diminished. The Operations Department maintains a custom restore application particularly designed to aid in a power outage recovery.

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