Data Acquisition Redirection

All applications are enabled for redirection. Redirection changes the destination of an application's data acquistion requests from active front ends to other sources. Redirection allows all applications involved with data acquisition to support other facilities. If a histogramming application is the most illuminating display of certain data, then that application can be used to view non realtime data. Application page D128 is the general purpose redirection application. This page can set any application slot to be redirected to one or more models concurrently. Redirection is supported at the device level (fine) and may be enabled on all application slots of a console (coarse). When an application is redirected, a yellow slash runs diagonally through the application's window as a reminder that the application is redirected. The utility window supports quick redirection to the save/restore, shot data acquisition, and datalogger models. All applications may be redirected to:

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